Partner stretches

Nu we toch de hele dag met onze partner thuis zijn en/ of met de kinderen is het mogelijk om samen lekkere stretch oefeningen te doen. Gelukkig mogen we elkaar thuis nog wel aanraken, dit zijn wat leuke speelse oefeningen.

Sit in front of each other, partner one cross-legged the other with straight legs

Partner two sitting with the straight legs bring the arms up high and straighten the upper body

Slowly bring your arms forward to partner one who will grap your arms and slowly pulls your arms toward her/his body.

Repeat by changing position

This is a great tretch for hamsrings and back

Start back to back with your partner. Interlock your arms at your sides.

Partner One, bend your knees as your simultaneously take on Partner Two’s weight onto your back.

Hold 6-12 counts while Partner Two is lifted off the ground, back arched and enjoying the stretch!

Return and switch roles.

Sit in front of eachother, feet to feet and holding each others hands

partner one slowly pulls partner two toward him/herself

Hold 5- 10 seconds slowly return and let partner two pull

If this does not feel comfortable you can bend your knees or bring your feet to the inside next to the knees of your partner

Great stretch for inner thighs, hamstrings and lower back