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Stand and hold onto something for balance

lift your left foot and rotate foot and ankle 8-10 times clockwise, then 8-10 times counterclockwise

Repeat other side

Can also be done sitting

Stretches ankles and improves circulation

Stand a little way from a wall and lean on it with your hands

place your left foot in front of you, your leg bent. Your right leg straight behind you

slowly move your hips forward until you feel a stretch in the calf of your right leg

Keep your right heel flat and toes pointed straight ahead

Hold easy stretch 10-20 seconds

Do not bounce

Repeat with other lag

Stretches calves

From the previous stretch, lower your hips downward

Slightly bend your right knee, keeping your back flat

Keep your right foot slightly toed-in or traight, heel down

Hold 10 seconds

Repeat other leg

Stretches calves, Achilles area and ankles