Infraspinatus, keeps shoulder stable

The infraspinatus is one of four muscles that make up the rotator cuff, which helps your arm and shoulder move and stay stable.

Your infraspinatus is in the back of your shoulder. It attaches the top of your humerus (the top bone in your arm) over the scapula to inner edge of scapula.

It helps you rotate your arm to the side.

Pain in the infraspinatus is most likely caused by repetitive motion involving the shoulder, thinking about swimmers, tennis players, carpenters…

Also when your posture is rounded forward, your infraspinatus is not going to be happy with you.

Symptoms of Infraspinatus Pain

  • Pain deep in the shoulder joint
  • Pain radiating into the neck, upper back, and down into biceps and fingers
  • Inability to raise the arm above your head because of stiffness, weakness, or numbness
  • Discomfort when sleeping or laying on your side

Triggerpoints can be found on the shoulderblade area, see picture


A trigger point is a specific point or points in a muscle that can cause referred pain to another part of the body.
Characteristics are:
Tender to touch and form a ‘knot’ or tight band of fibrous tissue in or around a muscle
Pressing, or applying a pin point pressure will cause pain localized but also more than often pain elsewhere in the body.
Trigger points can be responsible for other issues in the body like weak muscles, loss of co-ordination, limited mobility, fatigue

Triggerpoint massage with ball

You can massage the triggerpoint area if the infraspinatus best with a tennisball or for more intense treatment a hokeyball or bouncing ball

  • Place the ball against the wall at the edge of the schoulderbladewith your body in an angle of 45 degrees so your “wing” or shoulderblade will be pressed against the wall.
  • Find the trigerpoint, you will know when you find it by its sensitivity and referred pain at front of shoulder
  • Press with a little movement on the triggerpoint, breathing deeply in and out for about 20 seconds
  • Move to the other triggerpoint and repeat

If you find it difficult to keep the ball in place than you can put it in an pantyhose or stocking and place it over your shoulder holding it with the hand of the side you are not treating


  • Stand straight having an imaginary string pulling your head towards the ceiling
  • hold shoulders back, make sure that you do not pull them up but keep them relaxed
  • Hold a dumbbell, to begin with, of not more than 1 kilo. Also a waterbottle will be fine
  • Hold dumbbell in front of you and slowly move it sideways keeping the upperarm close to the body
  • Slowly move back in starting position
  • When discomfort is felt in your shoulder you can putt a little pillow between upperarm and side of body
  • Repeat 10 times

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